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Monday, February 07, 2005

Bring it on. Bring it on. Bring it all on.

Well, DFA1979 were pretty fabulous. I must admit, I was quite surprised. The 2 support bands were pretty good too, Controller Controller (bit like a female fronted Joy Division) and The Fever, who were good once the singer livened up a bit. All in all, a good evening's entertainment for £6. Not even being charged £4.90 for 2 Cokes could mar the evening.

One of the dudes in DFA1979 looks like Boycey from Only Fools And Horses. Mostly, it's the 'tache. There were a crowd of boys next to us shouting "Marleeeeeeeeeeeene", but needless to say, he didn't get it. There were quite a few technical hitches and the sound was pretty dodgy in places, but they rawked out, as the kids say.

Yesterday, we started packing properly. It is so much easier in principal than in practice. We have too much stuff, we have about 6 big boxes filled with CDs alone, and I don't think they are even all packed yet. We haven't even started packing the vinyl yet. We have a huuuuuuge sack of shoes and we have binned about 5 bin bags full of stuff, but the spare room is stacked to the ceiling with boxes of stuff. Thankfully, we didn't unpack any of our wedding presents in anticipation of this day.

Contract stuff still not finished and now only 4 days to go. We are feeling slightly more positive about it all now though, I think. Apparently they are on the case. Going to London tomorrow for work for the day all by myself. Have loads to learn all in one day which is a bit daunting, especially considering I need to be up around 5am to get to the airport in time for the 7am flight. Will be a long day, that's for sure.

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