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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I am absolutely Hank Marvin'.

Well! Quite a lot has happened since last time. Mainly moving house it has to be said. We have so much more stuff than we thought and it is mostly sitting in boxes in the living room of the new flat.
We got the keys as predicted last Friday and then went straight to flat and realised it was smaller than we remembered. A lot smaller. I think the real thing was that it was just smaller and very differently laid out to our rental flat.

Anyway, all that time we'd been thinking about moving and we completely skirted over the decoration angle. So we had a trip to B&Q on Friday night and bought lots of paint and set about decorating. We quickly realised that the kitchen was beyond hope, so we put a new one of those in too (I say we, really Lee and my dad did whilst me and my mum hid in the bedroom out of the way). We moved in on Friday there at long last, having finished decorating the bedroom and interior hall and painting the living room and fitting the kitchen (apart from the doors which are being delivered sometime in the next 3 millenia).

So we are getting there slowly but surely. We had a great time unpacking all of our wedding presents from the summer that we had kept boxed up as we knew we'd be moving. We had fun opening the boxes and exclaiming over all the stuff we'd forgotten we'd been given.

We also bought a new mattress for our bed and Lee and I have both slept better than we have for weeks now. It has made such a big difference, we should have done it sooner. When we took the old mattress off the bed, there were springs fully exposed, was like sleeping on a bed of nails.

We haven't watched TV for over 2 weeks now as we haven't had Sky switch it back on at the new place yet. And oddly we haven't missed it that much. News flash - we plugged it in last nite to see what would happen and it works! Free Sky? We are not sure but we celebrated by watching Liverpool beat Bayer Leverkuesen last nite anyway.

Work is still there, just closer to home than it was before. Ho hum.

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