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Thursday, February 10, 2005

What the fuck is a bilge rat?

Yesterday was such a long day. Up before 5am to get to airport in time for 7am flight. Being completely freakily paranoid about being clean has it's disadvantages - I had to get up and have a shower and wash my hair and dry it and straighten it before I could get out the house. It would be so much easier to do this the nite before. Anyway, I have tried and it frankly is not worth the distress.

Anyway, the flight was early and I got to Heathrow and there was a man standing with my name on a card to collect me - that was pretty weird, even more so when we got outside and it transpired it was a big Mercedes he had come to get me in. Way cool. Kind of put the 3 skanky buses I get every morning usually into perspective. Anyway, I got to the office ok, and I learned a lot about the system they use for stuff (which I now grudgingly admit is a good system, despite my original hatred of it) and then a different guy came in a bigger Mercedes to take me back to the airport. This guy was the big boss guy of the car company and he looked just like the Big Man in Chewin The Fat mwuhahahaaha.

Pancake day yesterday so Lee made us nice pancakes for after dinner (which was very hot home made chili). Today I had to go to the solicitors to sign a thing to say yes I know we have a mortgage and that's ok. So everything is on track for Friday. The solicitor's assistant seems to think it will all be fine for Friday, so fingers crossed. Suppose I had better go and pack some more...

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