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Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Never ask a woman why she's angry.

Weekends are far too short. My proposal is to change to working 3 12 hour shifts in a week and having four days off. That would rawk. I used to work 3 nights a week night shift when I worked for the rozzers. Having 4 days off was fabulous, although I couldn't sleep during the day which was a bummer. I ended up like a zombie. But all that free time... ah, those were the days.

Anyway, I was in work on Saturday, and then went and did some shopping and home to tackle cardboard city in the living room again. We managed to get about 4 boxes unpacked and then brought yet more stuff up from the old flat and filled the space we cleared. There can't be that much more stuff to bring, surely....

I stayed home from work yesterday as I was not so well, and found myself ironing to give me something new to do that didn't involve cardboard boxes. Ironing, for god's sake. I must have been ill.

Today it is snowing again! Or at least it was this morning. My, mother nature, you are really spoiling us. It's all gone now likes. I got into work and there was a parcel from Singapore awaiting me - it was THE BAG! It is marvellous! Hurrah!

My birthday in t minus 10 days. I will be 26! That seems scarily old (altho not as old as Lee, mwuhahahaa). No idea what I am doing for it yet. All the systems are down at work, meaning everyone has run out of things to make them look busy and have thrown caution to the wind are randomly surfing the web and virtually twiddling their thumbs instead. The novelty is beginning to wear off though after 5 hours of it though and the big pile of work waiting to be done is getting bigger and bigger.

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