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Friday, March 25, 2005

No Surprises

as someone once said. No surprise party for my birthday, but plenty of joy, nonetheless. Went out the nite before with some people from work as there was one of the people from the Thai office over to Oran Mhor, very nice in there. Paul very kindly bought a bottle of champagne to toast my birthday, which was duly drunk.

Friday at work, saw comic relief "fun" in the shape of some men dressed as women (some people will use any excuse) and a fiendishly hard quiz that we won by fair means (or perhaps foul. Not fowl tho). And lots of cake and flowers and presents. Lee gave me many fabulous gifts and I was generally very pleased that everyone was so kind.

What have I been up to? Coughing a lot and feeling like death, mostly. This cough will not go away and I am tiring of it now. It is doing the rounds at work, and I had 2 days off and came back to new building joy. Hopefully the air conditioning in the new place will not circulate the same germs in it.

We are off to Tenerife on the last day of May for 2 glorious, sun drenched weeks (touch mdf). I can't wait. What else? Maw has a job interview in Perth soon, so might be moving back north of the border. Our house decorating zest is slowly coming back, well, Lee's is, as he has almost finished the stairs. Dum di dum, that's all now.

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