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Friday, April 22, 2005

My church is very middle-class.

Well... the car my dad gave me has been stolen. I've never had anything stolen before like that, so this is new on me.

The car was due to be towed away and scrapped tomorrow, ironically, and Lee went down to the old flat today, where it was sitting registered off road, to make sure everything was ok, and it was gone. Just like that. So I called the police station and they said to go down there and report it and I guess then that is that and we will never see it again. Well, I hope it is as easy as that anyway.
At least it is Friday and there is no work for two days. And it might even be sunny this weekend. AND Lee is not working for a change. I should be getting my veneers fitted on my teeth tomorrow at long last, after the lab fucked them up the first time with air bubbles, and then didn't have them ready in time last week. It has cost around £250 so far so I hope that they don't look horrific! We shall see tomorrow, with any luck.

We are budgie sitting this weekend while Lee's mum is away in Wales for a few days. I am not the biggest fan of birds, but it is nice to have something in the house when Lee's out to keep you company (although of course I would rather it was a cute dalmatian puppy). We had thought on getting a dog or cat when we moved into the new house, but the flat is pretty small and despite having a garden, it would be unfair to leave a puppy in the house all day by itself. A cat would be ok though, as we could let it come and go when it wanted. We had thought we could look after Alex and Rebecca's cat Lucy (who adores Lee) whilst they were off in Texas in June, to give us a chance to see how we would get on, but unfortunately/fortunately, we are away in Tenerife at the same time.

Off for my meeting with Glasgow's finest now :

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