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Tuesday, April 12, 2005

Outlook - dull with interesting patches

Well, it's been a while. Work has been duller than ever, needless to say. Although
we did get news of our payrise today, which I had forgotten about, so that
brightened things up for some of us today.

Went to see Do Me Bad Things last Monday with Lee and Jo and Ryan and they
rawked out. Every song was like the last song of the set, with the big finish and all
9 of them only just fitted onto King Tut's tiny stage. Every single tall person in
Glasgow stood in front of us, so only Lee could really see what was happening
properly, as the rest of us were too small to see over the heads (and top hats in
one case) of the tall gits in front of us. I'm told there were plenty of costume
changes, and that was just the male members of the band.

What else... we saw Lex and Tex 2 weekends ago too, which was nice. We don't see our friends enough, so I am making more of an effort to stay in contact now. Kind of a delayed new year's resolution. Hopefully we will see them again this weekend.

Mum came up for a week or so to go to a job interview at a posh school in Perth, which she got but then refused, boooo. Andrew and Aleks also came up for a few days last weekend, so they were all over for dinner. Saturday was a very productive day with us getting lots of little things done for the house, like buying curtains and cushions, getting paint for tiles and stuff like that. We also got a new fireplace that arrived yesterday and is looking bloody marvellous, if I do say so myself.

We managed to spend a couple of thousand pounds from the comfort of our sofa the other night by buying double glazing - such a grown up thing to do. Our windows are falling apart and my cough is still lingering which is surely due to the condensation situation. Soon though we will have a warmer house and we will be a lot poorer!

It still feels like ages until we go to Tenerife, but I am sure it will come around soon enough. We are trying to get tickets for Liverpool, Lee's football team of choice, in a few weeks, as Lee has never been and, well, why the hell not, and there are also gigs to look forwards to - Anthrax (Lee's choice) and Hot Snakes (my choice).

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