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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Whatever happened to Suede?

The good thing about today is that I thought it was Tuesday and it is really Wednesday. The bad thing is that it is still only Wednesday and therefore still 2 days until weekend freedom. What joy does Wednesday hold? Well, so far, not a lot. Stupid customers, stupid other companies, the usual stupidness from the usual suspects. But look, I am remembering to update this 2 whole days in a row.

My plan to take over the world with a variety of hand made products is going very slowly too, due to lack of motivation to be doing anything much. I am not sure what would get me going again (although I suspect that a holiday will certainly help - roll on May 31st). I did get as far as buying a pattern for my sewing machine at the weekend and this weekend coming could be the one that I finally buy some fabric and get rolling. Need to get my website sorted out too, as I have done exactly zero on that for ages - what have I been doing with my time, exactly? Not much. Buying a Gameboy Advance was a pretty bad idea for making the most of my time, as I am now addicted to The Urbz (which I have almost completed) and after purchasing it at the weekend, Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I got as far as the million pound question last night before I lost everything on some question about UFOs, of all things.

Oh look, it's waaaaay past home time! How did that happen? I'm outta here...

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