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Thursday, May 05, 2005

Don't mind me. Pretend I'm not here.

No news on the car. I don't expect we will hear anything about it now. I did get a visit from the police at work a few days ago, which certainly brightened up my (and every other nosey person in the office) morning, but it was about a work/customer thing, and not telling me that it had ended up in a ditch/on fire/in a post office ram-raid.

Bank holiday weekend was extremely uneventful, but that's uneventful in a very good way. I read several books, watched a few movies (finally got round to seeing Amelie, which I loved) and generally relaxed. A bit of shopping, ate a bit of cake, and didn't do any tidying up or anything :)

3 weeks and 5 days until take off to Tenerife. I am gnawing my arms with excitement. That's excitement of not being in this stupid windy cold country listening to bleating customers who have nothing better to do than email us to moan about stupid stuff.

Nothing much else happens lately other than a more intensive than usual bout of going to work, coming home and then going back again a few short hours later. I am not out seeing Anthrax tonight with Lee, as he is away with one of his friends for them to relive their youth, no doubt, it being the original lineup and all. I do have the pleasure/misfortune of going to see Hall and Oates with my dad next week though, which will certainly be a new experience all round. Hot Snakes tickets arrived yesterday, much to Lee's disgust. He's not even heard them, but is convinced that they are rubbish, just by the fact that I like them. I have reminded him that he was wrong about Do Me Bad Things, but he will soon see for himself (mwuhahahahaa).

This weekend is Rebecca's book swap thing, which is going to be difficult - we get to take 5 books to swap, but how do I choose just 5?! And choose 5 that people will actually want - that will be difficult. So I will have to make my selection carefully. In fact, I should really get out of work right now and go and choose...

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