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Thursday, August 25, 2005

I'm more of a minesweeper man myself.

What is with all these plane crashes? Practically a new one every day! Between the earth's gravitional pull malfunctioning and watching the opening episode of Lost, it could put you right off flying.

Anyway, what's been happening... um, still waiting and seeing on the work front, still feeling a bit confused about it all, but still not sure what to do. Have started playing the lottery though just in case the gods decide to smile upon me. Not yet though.

We are still beavering away at our crafty things, knitting and stuff. Making some progress now and Marveline is coming round tonite to help us get some ideas together for the website. Lee bought his new car at last, and I must say, despite not being a car kinda gal, it is pretty marv. All shiny and silver and sleek looking. He is wandering around like a small boy who was expecting a lump of coal for Christmas, but got a bike, a train set AND a Spectrum.

Mum got back from Madeira in one piece and apparently was not drunk when she sent her text message that effectively said "goodbye world". Hmmm. Off on Monday next week! God bless bank holidays. There are not nearly enough of them. A free day off is all the sweeter than a day's annual leave, so I will have to use it wisely - to knit, more than likely.

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