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Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Bangkok, the city of discounts

Nothing new for an ice age and then here I am in Bangkok!

So, the story so far... well, flight took forever and a day to get here, was delayed at Dubai and finally arrived about 12.30 on Sunday afternoon Bangkok time. Panny and Mimi and Pop all came to pick me up, then they took me to the hotel (oh. my. god) and I dropped my stuff off, scarfed some satay down that Sarah had ordered for me and then they took me and Sarah to JJ Market. It was huuuuuuuuge and so many fabulous little stalls! If there is anything that you can't get there, then it does not exist. Saw beagle puppies! Sarah had to drag me away. Bought some great craft items!

Sunday night we went back to the hotel and had some room service and then I passed out! The hotel is bloody great - http://www.bangkok-hotelpro.com/oakwood/rooms.htm that is our apartment in the picture! It is so swish! God, they have a lovely lady to look after everyone in the office here and as I was typing, she brought me a nice glass of cold water - so lovely! Anyway, so yesterday I was up at 6.30am and we got ready and came to work and I did my training - they are all so lovely!

We went out for lunch to some nearby cafeteria restaurant thing, v big on the buffets. I had some coconut icecream that Ammie went and got for me - it came with lychees, peanuts and kidney beans on top! V odd! panny had a roll with coconut ice cream in it! So bizarre! They were eating fried baby octopus and all sorts! More shopping last night at MBK mall place, which is 8 floors of shopping joy. Then we went to this traditional Thai restaurant and Sarah ordered snake head fish, which I tried! It tasted like chicken!
http://www.carpecarpio.com/snakeheadfishing.html - can't believe I ate it! I ATE FISH! And it was lying on the plate staring at me!

Then some German guy offered us a free ride in his hired tuk tuk so we hitched him down to Patpong and pontificated some more over what handbag Sarah should buy - the more I look at these Balenciaga ones the more I think I should buy one - such good copies! A girl in one of the handbag shops was in raptures over my bag - I told her it was by a famous British designer called Pri Mark. Then we caught another tuk tuk back to the ranch and crashed out again and here I am at work today!

Training is going well and the office is lovely. We have just been for lunch and Navi has taught me how to eat rice the Thai way with a fork and spoon - makes so much more sense! We are going shopping again tonight to the World Trade Centre and tomorrow night we are all going out to dinner somewhere. Sarah goes back on Thursday night and hopefully I will get to go to suan lum night market on thursday night. Jamie Blair has really settled in and seems to have met a few kindred spirits here! He has been passing out the Penguin biscuits, I caught Panny munching on one yesterday.

I have been so healthy, fat fighting wise! chicken or pork (or fish!) and rice! and water! altho I had a sip of mekong whisky last nite and that was pretty nice! will try and bring some back! G Lunch was like £1.03 for a big plate of pork and rice and veg and a Coke! Had to put some bhat on a wee plastic card thing, all very high tech! There is a huge food court thing in the downstairs of the building and a Starbucks in the foyer! What a place! The traffic is bloody mental, took us about 30 minutes to travel a mile earlier in a taxi - still only 60 bhat tho! The little scooters that you can get a lift on look great fun, apparently Jamie gets one to work in the morning - keep seeing these white business men in their suits and briefcases perched on the back!

Going to Grand Palace etc on Friday! Day off! Last night we went to the Central World mall place and, yes, we shopped. again. sarah is very good to go shopping with tho, i must say. great with the haggling. Found this fabulous shop with a huuuuuuuuuge array of Hello Kitty etc - so broke loose the old Visa card!

Today I am in work watching over my new domain monkeys and answering their endless questions - I like the fact that they are asking questions as they are obviously very keen to learn and get it right. Lovely gals! We are off out for dinner tonight, us and some of the staff, Sarah said to some place on the river. She is back at the ranch just now, so I got a taxi here all by myself today! The traffic is mental!

Tomorrow, Jamie and me and Panny and some others are going to the Suan Lum night bazaar place and Sarah I think mentioned we might go to China Town in the morning! So another day o shopping! Almost finished my Crimbo shopping tho! Right down to decorations! Friday night we are all away buffet bowling before I have to get on the plane to come back. It will be a wrench! Still not taken any photos! Need to get going on that front! Been too busy shopping! No more fish yet.

Got to do some work!

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