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Monday, April 03, 2006

What's a terrorist? It's just a soldier with a beard.

Well, seeing as Lee is doing such a sterling job of chronicling our trip, I will leave it to him! Scoot over here for the first installment.

Being back at work sucks. Like, majorly sucks. It's not all that busy and my boss is talking to me like I am a kid. It's like I've never been away. It sucks when you come back from holiday and have a bad first day back because it then wipes out all the good glowing bits that you had left after you rode out the jetlag. That's what I feel like. Bah.

Anyway, at least I can look at the photos and try and remember what it was like to look at the meerkats in San Diego and laugh so much that I almost fell off the bench. And try to recall the feeling of the wind in my hair as we hung off the side of the cable car in San Francisco on the way to the wharf. Or even remember the feeling of dejection as I lost at video blackjack once again in Vegas, but cheered myself up with a frozen margarita (sorry, Lee, 'rita).

Still, on the plus side, the plans for the Miso Funky market are coming along very well - we had our meeting with the stall holders on Saturday and got the hall paid and handed out flyers, etc. It's quite exciting to be getting organised and getting closer to the big day. It feels like there is more planning going into this than our wedding, although I know that can't be true.

Also, had forgotten about going to Stockholm at Easter with Jo! It has been on my list of places to visit for years now, and despite it being more expensive than a bag of gold plated diamonds, I am really looking forwards to it. I am going to practice my Swedish in anticipation of our visit. I tried to learn to speak Swedish when I was at college and have picked up the textbook on and off over the years since. Too many vowels for me though. I have managed to remember a few basic words (along with the handy fact that 'tack' is the word for both please and thank you), but the Swedes are all so impossibly cosmopolitan that I am sure we will have no cause to utter a word of Swedish the entire weekend.

My top 5 things I miss about not being on holiday

1. Polite people - people are rude and surly here.
2. Unstructured days - being able to sleep late or get up early to eat my own body weight in crispy bacon.
3. Frozen drinks - no one uses ice in this country.
4. Cable cars - a much more fun way to travel.
5. Sunshine - it's been snowing, hailing, cold, warm, windy, calm and dry here today - all in one hour.

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