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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Overdraft is my middle name...

What a nice weekend it was without having to face going to work on Monday! To celebrate our free weekend, Lee and I had a party. I made sushi, we drank a lot, our friends Lex and Tex brought guitar hero over and we all had a ball. See the photos here.

Yesterday we went to Carlisle for the day to go to a shop that sells stuff that Lee's mum would like for her impending birthday and to generally have a bit of a jaunt. I bought some bat shaped buttons and some nice ribbon and Lee bought a new digital camera - our old one sucked like a mofo. Expect lots of new photos online once we get round to buying a memory card for it.

This week is looking like it will be busy again - work is the same old grind, Miso Funky continues apace with the launch of the new shop and I have rediscovered my Sims addiction, in lieu of playing Animal Crossing on a shiny new DS like some I could mention! It's making me positively green with envy.

Home time!

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