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Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Meat samosa? What kind of meat? Does it say?

Yesterday was a dull and seemingly-interminable day at work. No one much was around and after Monday's unexpected bonus afternoon off, was all the more unbearable. So imagine my utter delight to get home and discover that someone had broken into our new shed! Thankfully, they had not taken anything as the sole contents comprise:
  • some roof felting (excess from building said shed)
  • 4 green garden canes (left over from aborted sunflower growing mission)
  • 1 bike rack (now detached from wall in house)
  • 2 mountain bikes (chained together so that if some dullard breaks into the shed, they can't steal them)

Strangely, they used some sort of brass boating contraption to break the hasp off the shed, ingenious these neds in Maryhill. Not quite sure where they would have found that, perhaps from a previous ambush on the canal. If I can fish it out the wheelie bin tonight, I will take a picture as it was most unusual looking.

After that exciting development, Lee made some more curry, this time chili pork with curry leaves which was frankly delicious. He also made some of his now signature samosas and some spiced onions - we are living that Indian restaurant dream.

Animal Crossing update - I caught 2 fish! And dug up a fossil! I was most impressed. Blaire came round and slagged off my house and now I want to kill them all, but I am assured by Super M that they will come round to loving me eventually...

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