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Thursday, October 12, 2006

I couldn't live in a country with more than one time-zone.

I am finding it quite tough to get back into this time zone. Each morning this week I have woken up at between 3 and 4 am wide awake and ready to go. Which means by the time tea time rolls around, I am only fit for crawling into bed, thus perpetuating the sleepy cycle. I am hopeful that by the end of this weekend I will have caught up, but that will involve staying up late one day and I just don't see it happening. I will need to get Lee to poke me with a stick to keep me awake.

Anyway, it's been a week of unremitting cheesed-off-ness for me this week. Work is a monumental cocksucker at the moment for reasons just to dull to go into. I think it's just me being tired. I hope so, anyway. I seem to have no time for anyone but yet too much time for stuff. I dunno.

Last nite was the MF market meet-up which a whole 4 people attended. I am glad we have made these non-compulsory now, as it is quite annoying to make these plans only for no one to show up, so it makes it more of a social occasion than a thinly-veiled guise to collect money from people. At last nite's event, in between the roar of the football crowd, I learned that apparently Judy Finnegan is an alcoholic and that one of our marketeers has a book full of photos of mullets she has collected.

Tonite sees the return of Japanese class, meaning I am busy every Thursday evening now until Easter. Unless of course I drop out of the class, which is entirely possible, as I have done zero studying and I don't really feel like I am going to be up to Level 2. Maybe I can transfer to Level 1. We'll see. I have been trying to cram some information in this lunchtime, but there was important acorn gathering to do in Animal Crossing, so I didn't get much further than remembering how to introduce myself and scrawling my date of birth down on a piece of paper.

This weekend, Lee and I have decided to DO something. What this something is, we have yet to decide. We had thought on a trip to Coig Na Shee, but as it's closing very soon (or maybe has already), we may have to think of an alternative. Liverpool and Newcastle are being bandied about as possible alternatives, but we may just stay in Glasgow ...

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