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Thursday, January 18, 2007

I know that I can walk into that exam and pass it easy.

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I love snow - and I have not been disappointed this week. On Tuesday, as I sat aghast at the events unfolding on celebrity big brother and knitting bits of blanket, the TV kept cutting out, until it got unwatchable. I screamed at the TV, I flicked it on then off - but to no avail. It was only when I glanced out the window that I realised why - it was SNOWING! There was a light dusting of snow all over the court and I was one happy bunny.

Imagine my dismay to awake yesterday to discover not one molecule left! It had all melted away and I was once again - sad.

And then this morning - I struggled out of bed, to the window - and it was like freakin Antartica out there! An inch or so of snow all over, and best of all, it was STILL snowing! All the way to work, we cast doubtful looks at the sky that it might start raining. But no, it continued all the way to past 11 am, snowing huge fat flakes. It looked like boiled eggs were raining down on us at one point and just when we thought it would never end - it started raining.

However, that lasted only a few moments - and then it went calm and a bit bright - but the important thing is, that at work at least, the snow is still lying on the ground and we're forecast for more. As you can see, the view from my desk has been very pretty today.

Sorry, but snow really does get me going! The highlight of the week, no less! Also this week, Jo has booked us flights to go to London for the day next month - for a bargain total of £2.04 for the 2 of us! I could barely believe it! A bunch of us crafters are going on a jaunt for the day and I am really looking forwards to it. I have my first job interview tomorrow for an age, so please keep your fingers crossed for me! I will post more about that, depending on the outcome of course!

Must go now to pray for more snow!

P.S Don't you love my new blog template?! It was designed by the very talented mar-c, inspired by a shower gel bottle! Thank you marveline!

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At 9:29 pm GMT, Blogger Beccalog said...

Wow what a deal. Isn't it sad that I've been here almost 4 years now and have never been to London town?!
Well done on your ear pierce-ed-ness. I meant to say to you on Friday that they looked very nice.


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