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Friday, April 20, 2007

I was feeling very heavy and then suddenly I felt very light.

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I had a strange experience this morning. I've often dreamed of being stuck in the house and not being able to go to work ... and today it almost happened!

This week has been a very busy one and I've been all over the place trying to do lots of things and please lots of people, so I was very tired last nite after a 6am start for a meeting in Edinburgh and then a craft thing in the evening. Thus, I did not think to get my front door key, as pictured, from Jo who had it to get the stuff for the market.

So, this morning, I made it all the way down the stairs to the front door, whereupon I remembered she had the key. No problem, I thought, I have my spare one. I located it and tried the door - nothing. It was too bent to work. Aha, I thought, I shall call Ryan and ask him to come get me - the key is in their house after all. Of course, I could have called him had I known his number and the battery on my new phone had not died...

Ah, but my old phone, it has some battery power left in it ... so I opened it up and went to put my SIM card back in it ... only to discover it was stuck fast ... I should really have given up then and called work, but I perservered and eventually prised it off with a biro. My chance was gone! Ryan came to rescue me and here I am posting on my mini lunch break about the whole fiasco. Bah.

Tomorrow I am going to a spa! For the day! A real novelty for me. Catherine has chosen a relaxing day for her hen celebrations and of course I am delighted to have been asked along - I just hope that she and everyone else can take it when I kick their asses at Singstar afterwards!

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