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Monday, April 16, 2007

What constitutes deadly force?

An MF Trip To Newcastle
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How can it be that I've not updated this since before Easter? Well, I suppose it might be because I've been very busy doing other things. What a boring reason. I could make something up about giant robots, or a boating accident, but in reality, I've just been very busy getting on with life.

The Easter weekend was especially busy - Friday me and my mum who was up visiting went for a breenj in town, some shopping, some lunching, some chatting. It was very nice to do this as we don't often get the chance, what with her living 500 miles away and me being busy every weekend between January and December. In the morning before I met up with her I had a secret meeting with some colleagues which has turned into project: zinc shoes. Very mysterious, but for now you will have to wait to find out more about that.

Friday evening, Jo and I found ourselves trundling down to the wilds of Ayrshire to host a Miso Funky party for someone's birthday - it was a great evening for us and I hope for the ladies who were partying. It's a bit like Ann Summers but less filthy and more funky - you can find out more here and even book one if you're so inclined. There's no stand up comedy or anything, but we do try to entertain.

Saturday was ... what? Sorry, what's that? A free day? In that there is no fairs of craft to be attended? But it's a day with a y in it! How did that happen? Yes, due to a scheduling hiccup, we had somehow found ourselves with a day off. I think that is one of the very first ones since Christmas. So, I of course filled it up with hair appointments and the like. I had my hair trimmed a little and also dyed a new shade of blondey brown for spring. I like it a lot, altho I think it must be quite subtle, because no one really noticed much.

Sunday and Monday were spent, yes, you've guessed it, at a craft fair. This one was at Queens Park on the south side and we found ourselves in the strange but curiously enjoyable situation of being in a big greenhouse next to a petting zoo. The sheep in particular was hilarious, with it baaing at all the right moments as if it was part of our conversation. The fair itself was busy, but most people were intent on extricating their sticky children from the animal pens and trying to bring them back into orbit after guzzling their own bodyweight in easter eggs. Still, it was a very productive 2 days, some sales, some stock taking and some crafting managed.

Project: zinc shoes was taking up much of my and others' thoughts last week, as well as making things and generally working, as my real job will keep getting busy and getting in the way of my more fun job. Plans were made for some more markets coming up which will be launched here when they are all finalised. By some stroke of sheer genius, Saturday was another day off - how this came to pass, I have yet to understand, but I used it wisely with my first stop post lie in being the local church jumble sale where I got 2 big bags of bargains for 4 of your earth pounds, including a GREAT stand for our record bowls which will be ace once it's painted. The lady who mans (and "man" is quite the operative word) the jumble was most peeved that I planned on cutting up her stinky duvet covers, but she eventually let me have them for 25p each. She drives a hard bargain, even in the Lord's house.

Afterwards, Lee and I had a lovely walk down by the Kelvin, through the Botanics and on down to Partick to the Farmers Market, where we had a stroll round and bought some great morsels, including some fab treats from Eastern Twist. We then strolled over to the Rio Cafe and had some lunch and a read of our New York books to see what we wanted to include in our itinerary, followed by a stroll up Byres Road, a swatch at the Orchid Fair at the Kibble Palace and a leisurely ice cream in the park - it was so warm and sunny and I had a great time! Once we got back Lee made amazing samosas and I got busy crafting and packing for our Newcastle extravaganza.

I had to get up at 6am on Sunday morning - yes, that's probably the time most people I know were coming home, but there we are. We had great fun on the train, despite having to hoick our bags around and you can see a photolog of the day here. The market itself was unusually quiet, owing to the tropical temperatures that the toon was enjoying, but we still had great fun. I made one or 2 purchases, which I will be posting about seperately very soon.

This week is filling up fast - meetings, a market, making things - but only 8 sleeps til holidays!

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