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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Why don't cyclists have a license?

It's only 21 days until we go on holiday. I am very glad. Before then, I have another 4 craft events to deal with, a hen nite and a training course in Edinburgh to get through. I am doubtful my sanity will last that long.

I just realised that I have not really posted properly since my birthday fiesta and as such am very behind the times here. Since then we've had a 4 successful craft events, 2 of which were our own, behind us. Our first foray into organising a market in Edinburgh turned out very well in the end, but was not without it's problems, the main one being the venue which was an actual cave with authentic water running down the walls. I don't think anyone enjoyed the conditions, but we all certainly enjoyed a new wave of enthusiastic customers and of course, the sales.

Not so good news is having a battery of tests at the doctors for some issues that I will not bore anyone with, but is a bit stressful, so on top of proper work being busy, craft events, making things and of course ordinary life, it's been rather manic of late. Will be glad of that holiday.

To brighten up my day tho, lovely Catherine has offered me her spare ticket to see Chicago at the theatre tomorrow nite! It was a lovely surprise for a dreary Tuesday - thanks!

Off to craft mafia meeting now, yay, it's home time!

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