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Sunday, January 30, 2005

You need some kind of USB cock.

Pictures of Paris that is, not my scabby foot...

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Joss Stone sounds like curdled milk.

What are the chances.

Anyway, what have I been up to? Well, I got back from Paris last night. Paris is a beautiful city, but I found it was somewhat spoilt by it's rude and ignorant inhabitants. Also the fact that I seem to have broken something in my foot put a dampner on it somewhat. I have no idea what happened, but the bottom of my ankle is swollen and bruised and I can't put weight on it and am generally hobbling about. 3 days of hobbling about Paris probably hasn't done it any good, so I will be off to see a healthcare professional today or tomorrow. I also have a dentist appointment tomorrow morning, but somehow I can't see myself being able to negotiate the 3 or 4 buses it would take to get there and then to work alone.

Pictures to follow!

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Nous sommes les chavs.

Now, I really did have good intentions. In fact, I have tried to update this a few times in recent weeks and Blogger just broke in the middle and I lost what I had written.

Honest guv

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Wednesday, January 26, 2005

You might have fertility problems if you keep sitting that way.

Rebecca told me off the other day for not updating this enough. And she is right, I should be more prolific. But sometimes there is just nothing to say that is of any interest.

However, there has been some stuff happening. House buying trundles on, work stuff trundles on and on Thursday, that is, the day after tomorrow, we shall be off to gay Pariiiiiiiiiiiiiis!

Quite looking forwards to Paris, never been to France apart from to pass through it on the way to somewhere else European on a train at a very young age. All those years of French class at school might pay off, even if only to say parly voo en glay to a snooty Parisian person. As long as we remember deux bieres sil vous plait, we should be just dandy.

Just checking the weather forecast and it is forecast to snow in Paris at the end of the week - now snow here, I love, snow in Paris, I may die of excitement. How romantique! Although, it should be said, we are not going for Valentines, just because it's there and the
flights were dirty cheap.

Liverpool have just won, so that's my queue to finish.

A bientot, mes amis!

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Sunday, January 09, 2005

Poor old Camilla. Her only crime is to be ugly.

What happened there?

It was 2004 a minute ago, I swear. So much for me and my regular posting, eh? Well, I have been soooooooo busy, you know.

Well, in reality, been working and then too cheesed off to do much else. This week has been the longest of my life. Utterly, utterly dire. Had to go get a huge hole drilled in my tooth today which will remain in residence for 3 weeks - all that pain and suffering AND i get to pay about £80 for it. At least with my old dentist we would have a bit o banter, this new one is almost completely devoid of personality (and has a slight whiff of BO) (Oh and a CONSTANT cold).

New year was quite good, different from the last few. Me and Lee went down to stay at the hotel my brother runs the bar in, in Derbyshire - Park Farm House. My mum and dad also went and we spent a very pleasant 2 days with Andrew, my brother and his girlfriend, Aleks, who also works at the hotel (and is Polish incidentally). We had a pretty good time, with the vodka flowing freely. They let a big firework off at midnight in the caravan park that they found left over from someone's wedding at the hotel. Wasn't til next morning when we went out for a stroll in daylight that we realised the firework had been strapped to a metal cage full of calor gas canisters. So lucky that I am here to be typing this at all.

I have been absolutely GLUED to a fabulous website that Andrew turned me on to - Hidden Glasgow - full of fabulous gems of information about Glasgow and aspects of it that we don't always see - hidden tunnels, what buildings were originally used for, etc. It is absolutely fascinating and they have a great forum section with some very genuinely helpful people on there who are passionate about their shared interest - well worth a look. But be warned - I have been on there pretty much constantly for the past 3 days and still not got enough!

Lee got the contract through for approval on the new house yesterday, along with the formal acceptance, so that is a bit of a relief. We had a celebratory look at bathroom stuff today - only 5 weeks or so until predicted moving day!

And before that we have Paris to go to at the end of January. I've never been but always wanted to go. We booked really cheap flights months ago and I had forgotten about it pretty much, but hotel is all booked now, so getting excited about that.

A lot to look forwards to this year, but it is a bit difficult with a hole the size of Fife in your mouth :(

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