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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Mama Mia is shit. There's no plot.

Oh, I got my hair cut too - about an inch or so hacked off. It's shoulder length now. A bit too short I think, but it grows so quickly, that it won't be long before it's swinging about again.

Did I mention I got a fabulous cardigan in Asda for £11.20? If not, you're the last person on earth I haven't yet told! I have it on in this photo - along with the fab and cosy monkey mittens from a swap (that look a bit more like stoats I think!).

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You can buy a nativity scene in Woolworths. They throw in the kids.

Swap from Thailand
Originally uploaded by mooosh.

I've received a few swap parcels lately - this one courtesy of Liz in Northern Thailand. What a great monkey!

I've sent out 3 parcels this week - Shalyn, Tracy and Krista, be on the look out! Looking forwards to some more parcels and then swapping rest over Crimbo!

Craft fairs were good this weekend, exceeded my loose target which is always a winner. I got so much accomplished this weekend - almost finished my Crimbo shopping, wrapped it all and made all my Crimbo cards AND wrote and addressed them. Sadly all this exertion did not agree with me - shortly after cleaning the bathroom, my lungs filled with phlegm and I could not breath for the next 36 hours. I spent Monday having my gammy eyes get worse and alternately not breathing and watching cash in the attic.

Back to work today to discover a mountain of things to be done with no time to be doing them in. Roll on Crimble and TEN DAYS OFF!

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Friday, November 24, 2006

I didn't hear my phone. Therefore I could not answer it.

How could I have forgotten to blog about this - it's satsuma season!

I am quite enamoured with the little citrus guys. But only satsumas. No clementines, mandarins, tangerines. Got to be satsumas. There are some philistines out there who will tell you there's no difference. But there so is. Satsumas are looser of skin, not so tart. A bit like me, arf arf.

Today, I discovered this - my dream fabric. I think I have died and gone to sock monkey heaven.

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Wednesday, November 22, 2006

If you want to get a big bird, you need a big worm

Swap from Thailand
Originally uploaded by mooosh.

What a fabulous parcel to receive on a dull, interminably boring day at work!

This parcel came all the way from Thailand and the monkey really did make my day, nay week. It was full of the sorts of things I expected to receive from a swap and more - thanks Liz!

In other news - I heard someone on TV the other day mentioning that they didn't realise the word chav was pronounced ch-av when they first saw it - they thought it was sh-av. A posh chav will henceforth be called a sh-av. And they invariably have mull-ays (rahter than mullets).

I have a new found respect for David Gest now having watched him on I'm A Celebrity ... He's actually almost human. Who'd have thunk it?

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I don't want to cause a panic but I can smell burning


That's the sound of time hurtling along. I can't believe it's almost the end of November already! Where is time going? It's not been spent blogging, clearly. I've been so busy recently, there's hardly a moment to draw breath.

So, what have I been doing? Well, a round up is as foll-ows:

  • Turns out I am not diabetic after all, but it's on it's way. Metabolic syndrome is what it is, which is like diabetes-lite. Basically I need to lose a lot of weight to curb the blood sugar levels and to stop my body rejecting the perfectly good insulin I am churning out. Nothing I didn't already know, but if you see me, don't let me have cake.

  • I do have conjunctivitis! Which is really lingering, despite the sticking stuff in my eyes at regular intervals (prescribed, not just for the hell of it). I've also had a snuffly cold for weeks now, it just won't go - me and everyone else in Scotland it seems.

  • I've converted to xfm of a morning, ever since I turned on the radio one morning last week to hear Dominik Diamond saying the word fud. It was so exciting that Jo texted me to make sure I'd heard.

  • I've invented a new range for Miso Funky - Rejects. I am immensely proud of them as I thought they might be a bit crap, but people have seemed to take to them rather well.

  • We've been crafting our lives away and are very busy with various craft fairs up til Christmas now. Our own market was on Saturday past and went very well, so fingers crossed we will hit our self-imposed target by the end of the year.

  • Lee is away on holiday tomorrow, without me! Him and his friend Euan are meeting in London and then heading to the nearest travel agent to book something - they don't know where or how long for, but I really hope they have a great time! I'll be living the singleton life in the meantime - or, more accurately, be staying in and crafting a lot!

  • I've been taking part in the cultural swap thing and had some great parcels so far from the US, Singapore and my favourite so far from Thailand. I have a few more lined up too, so fingers crossed for more good stuff from afar.

  • I've found myself glued to Torchwood on TV - I think it might be the accents! Lord knows I am a sucker for the Welsh accent - I did marry Lee after all! It's not like me to like what I consider to be a slightly geeky program, but I heartily recommend it!

  • We've booked our flights to Cincinnati next year! We're off to see Anne and Jim there next April/May and on the way back we have 4 days in Noo Yoik! We are both SOOOO excited about it.

I think that is the salient points! Oh, me, Jo and Mar-c had a great weekend in Newcastle, we had a great meal in a Teppen-yaki restaurant (where you sit round a metal hotplate and the chef cooks your dinner in front of you - GREAT fun) and had a fab day at the Cluny market. Photos on Flickr here.

This week has been busy - Monday was spent photographing babygros until the early hours for the MF shop, last nite we were interviewed by a girl who wants to write about us for a course she is doing and tout us round some magazines and tonite was spent mostly waiting for Tesco to deliver my shopping and packing Lee's bag for him as he's working nite shift (again :( ).

I ham off now to work on an idea I am developing for the rejects - fingers crossed it works out as planned!

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Thursday, November 09, 2006

All he does is wander around the flat in tracksuit bottoms.

Lee told me such a heart-warming story last night.

He met his mum for lunch yesterday and Lee happened to mention that he'd opened the blinds that morning to see a robin sat in the tree outside our bedroom window. Not particularly unusual for this time of year, but nonetheless.

Lee's mum also has a robin - it comes to her garden every winter and stays there for the duration of the cold period.

It transpires that Lee's dad, who died when he was but an early teenager had said to Lee's mum many years ago that when he died he'd come back as a robin.

I like to think that it's the same robin, keeping an eye on them both.

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Wednesday, November 08, 2006

I am going to take the scenic route.

Miso Funky Rejects!
Originally uploaded by mooshimooshisan.

Well, it's been an interesting week or so, in which the following happened:

We pretty much sold out of baby things at the craft fair in Kilmacolm. It was a great day out, despite us getting hideously lost on the way and ending up almost back where we started. And I won 2 prizes in the raffle! On the way back we went to KFC which was most welcome and we ate chicken until our eyes bulged in general celebration of a good morning's work.

Saturday evening was spent watching terrible television and making the latest addition in the Miso Funky range - MF Rejects. The premise is that these critters will be the guys who didn't make the grade to be Hamish's sidekicks. They'll all be named and have a little bio attached to them, so I hope people will buy into that!

Sunday - I slept for 12 solid hours and awoke feeling hungover, but unsleepy. Jo and I went to Ikea for some craft supplies - a most unexpected source of great packaging, papers, etc. Then on Sunday evening, a quick change and we were off to St Andrews In The Square to see Rebecca sing with her band the City Sinners. The evening was an homage to Gram Parsons, an artist I know sod all about, but the tunes were interspersed with a chronological background to the man, so it was not only entertaining, but educational too! Sadly, we had to leave just into the second half as we'd parked ridiculously far away on a limited metre, but I hope to be able to see them again soon. Rebecca is such an amazing singer! It brought tears to my eyeballs, I was so proud to see her up there!

Sorry, I will stop being sentimental now! MF wise, we've been on a bit of a high, as we've managed to make a few sales through the website to random people. This has caused us great joy and as such we've taken slight leave of our senses and decided to give free UK shipping up til Christmas. Hopefully this will encourage people to buy! Go on, you know you want that disco tie!

This week at work has been a bit mental, so I am knackered. I had more tests at the doctors yesterday re the diabetes thing. They said that my blood sugar is too high and they are doing follow up tests to decide what it is. It's most likely not diabetes, but some other thing like it that I can't remember what it's called, apparently. So I've now had blood taken twice in a week and I really don't like it. I feel a bit shabby now but otherwise fine, apart from the eyeballs which are still itching!

Enough of this medical talk! MF is going on tour this weekend! We are heading to the Cluny market in sunny (we hope) Newcastle this Sunday and leaving early on Saturday for a bit of a road trip! Me, Mar-c and Jo are heading south to take in the delights of Tyneside, hopefully visit the enormo-craft store there and see the Angel of the North. We're staying in Tynemouth at the No 61 hotel, by the seaside! So we are all getting slightly overexcited about it now.

Better get making some more stock!

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Thursday, November 02, 2006

Who wants to win a stuffed bear or a goldfish?

Christmas Crafts, Nov 2006
Originally uploaded by mooshimooshisan.

Last nite chez Brown was spent alternately eating supernoodles, watching Celtic get royally humped by Benfica and making these bad boys.

Tonite I will be:

Eating pie
Knitting something
Worrying about having to have another blood test next week to discover if I am diabetic or not

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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

It's no good, someone's already done the Sudoku.

Originally uploaded by mooshimooshisan.

I have been to Ikea twice in 2 days. Shoot me.

We had pumpkins on the doorstep last nite which seemed to scare off most of the local kids - anyone wanting a hundredweight of fruit salad bars, let me know.

My eyes are still red and itchy and angry and scaly and ugh.

My work has gone into meltdown.

On the upside, I have done most of my crimbo shopping and it's not even a whole day thru November yet.

I am away home again to lie in a darkened room and panic about making things.

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