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Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Overdraft is my middle name...

What a nice weekend it was without having to face going to work on Monday! To celebrate our free weekend, Lee and I had a party. I made sushi, we drank a lot, our friends Lex and Tex brought guitar hero over and we all had a ball. See the photos here.

Yesterday we went to Carlisle for the day to go to a shop that sells stuff that Lee's mum would like for her impending birthday and to generally have a bit of a jaunt. I bought some bat shaped buttons and some nice ribbon and Lee bought a new digital camera - our old one sucked like a mofo. Expect lots of new photos online once we get round to buying a memory card for it.

This week is looking like it will be busy again - work is the same old grind, Miso Funky continues apace with the launch of the new shop and I have rediscovered my Sims addiction, in lieu of playing Animal Crossing on a shiny new DS like some I could mention! It's making me positively green with envy.

Home time!

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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Quiet! I sense danger!

I will make no comment on my lengthy absence. A lot's happened though:

1. White water rafting - that was ace. Highlights included watching Jo try to get her legs in the arms of her wetsuit, not falling in and smashing my face on some rocks, and it being lovely and sunny and not too cold at all.

2. Miso Funky taking off into the stratosphere. We've done 2 markets now, appearing at the West End Festival this weekend and our online shop is taking shape. Life has been really busy with this, but it's been a lot of fun too.

3. Jo's birthday - any excuse to go to Monster Mash is good with me.

4. Lucy's hen nite - not as horrific as you'd expect from a hen nite. A lot of drinking, a lot of pretending to be Finnish and we even saw a man dressed as a gorilla. Surely the perfect send off to married life.

5. The Cardigans - one of my favourite bands and I finally got to see them live at the ABC thanks to Lee who bought tickets for me as a birthday present. They rocked. :)

6. Guitar Hero - such an addictive game! A very pleasant evening was spent at Lex and Tex's place last weekend rocking out. Red, green, blue, blue, red...

Today, we have taken delivery of a shed and a new sofa. I am very pleased about the arrival of both of these items as both will give MORE ROOM to put stuff in to stop us falling over it.

Also this weekend, Lucy and Mark are getting married and we are going along to watch. Hopefully the glorious sunshine will last long enough to give them a sunny day. I will be wearing a dress. Tune in for how that works out next time.

That's all for now, look at the photos here!

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