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Saturday, February 26, 2005

Booo Work On Saturday

It's been quite busy, so I was in doing some OT. I need the cash apart from anything else, as I like spending money too much.

I have uploaded a load of photies here for your/my viewing pleasure - enjoy!

Off to do some grocery shopping and unpack some more boxes!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2005

I am absolutely Hank Marvin'.

Well! Quite a lot has happened since last time. Mainly moving house it has to be said. We have so much more stuff than we thought and it is mostly sitting in boxes in the living room of the new flat.
We got the keys as predicted last Friday and then went straight to flat and realised it was smaller than we remembered. A lot smaller. I think the real thing was that it was just smaller and very differently laid out to our rental flat.

Anyway, all that time we'd been thinking about moving and we completely skirted over the decoration angle. So we had a trip to B&Q on Friday night and bought lots of paint and set about decorating. We quickly realised that the kitchen was beyond hope, so we put a new one of those in too (I say we, really Lee and my dad did whilst me and my mum hid in the bedroom out of the way). We moved in on Friday there at long last, having finished decorating the bedroom and interior hall and painting the living room and fitting the kitchen (apart from the doors which are being delivered sometime in the next 3 millenia).

So we are getting there slowly but surely. We had a great time unpacking all of our wedding presents from the summer that we had kept boxed up as we knew we'd be moving. We had fun opening the boxes and exclaiming over all the stuff we'd forgotten we'd been given.

We also bought a new mattress for our bed and Lee and I have both slept better than we have for weeks now. It has made such a big difference, we should have done it sooner. When we took the old mattress off the bed, there were springs fully exposed, was like sleeping on a bed of nails.

We haven't watched TV for over 2 weeks now as we haven't had Sky switch it back on at the new place yet. And oddly we haven't missed it that much. News flash - we plugged it in last nite to see what would happen and it works! Free Sky? We are not sure but we celebrated by watching Liverpool beat Bayer Leverkuesen last nite anyway.

Work is still there, just closer to home than it was before. Ho hum.

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Tuesday, February 15, 2005


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Thursday, February 10, 2005

What the fuck is a bilge rat?

Yesterday was such a long day. Up before 5am to get to airport in time for 7am flight. Being completely freakily paranoid about being clean has it's disadvantages - I had to get up and have a shower and wash my hair and dry it and straighten it before I could get out the house. It would be so much easier to do this the nite before. Anyway, I have tried and it frankly is not worth the distress.

Anyway, the flight was early and I got to Heathrow and there was a man standing with my name on a card to collect me - that was pretty weird, even more so when we got outside and it transpired it was a big Mercedes he had come to get me in. Way cool. Kind of put the 3 skanky buses I get every morning usually into perspective. Anyway, I got to the office ok, and I learned a lot about the system they use for stuff (which I now grudgingly admit is a good system, despite my original hatred of it) and then a different guy came in a bigger Mercedes to take me back to the airport. This guy was the big boss guy of the car company and he looked just like the Big Man in Chewin The Fat mwuhahahaaha.

Pancake day yesterday so Lee made us nice pancakes for after dinner (which was very hot home made chili). Today I had to go to the solicitors to sign a thing to say yes I know we have a mortgage and that's ok. So everything is on track for Friday. The solicitor's assistant seems to think it will all be fine for Friday, so fingers crossed. Suppose I had better go and pack some more...

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Monday, February 07, 2005

Bring it on. Bring it on. Bring it all on.

Well, DFA1979 were pretty fabulous. I must admit, I was quite surprised. The 2 support bands were pretty good too, Controller Controller (bit like a female fronted Joy Division) and The Fever, who were good once the singer livened up a bit. All in all, a good evening's entertainment for £6. Not even being charged £4.90 for 2 Cokes could mar the evening.

One of the dudes in DFA1979 looks like Boycey from Only Fools And Horses. Mostly, it's the 'tache. There were a crowd of boys next to us shouting "Marleeeeeeeeeeeene", but needless to say, he didn't get it. There were quite a few technical hitches and the sound was pretty dodgy in places, but they rawked out, as the kids say.

Yesterday, we started packing properly. It is so much easier in principal than in practice. We have too much stuff, we have about 6 big boxes filled with CDs alone, and I don't think they are even all packed yet. We haven't even started packing the vinyl yet. We have a huuuuuuge sack of shoes and we have binned about 5 bin bags full of stuff, but the spare room is stacked to the ceiling with boxes of stuff. Thankfully, we didn't unpack any of our wedding presents in anticipation of this day.

Contract stuff still not finished and now only 4 days to go. We are feeling slightly more positive about it all now though, I think. Apparently they are on the case. Going to London tomorrow for work for the day all by myself. Have loads to learn all in one day which is a bit daunting, especially considering I need to be up around 5am to get to the airport in time for the 7am flight. Will be a long day, that's for sure.

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Saturday, February 05, 2005

All human tragedy is grist to your sordid entertainment mill.

How annoying that solicitors and the like don't work on the weekends.

Today we are trying not to think about it, comfort shopping on Ebay and eating cheesecake. I have been trawling the Old Navy website this afternoon, writing a wish list for my new ON buddy Pam to see if she can get me stuff in the shop in Seattle. So far on Ebay today, I have managed to buy a top for Jo and nothing else. My listed things aren't even going like cold stale cakes, never mind their hot counterparts. Have more junk to get rid of, so will get listing in a bid to make some cashola out of my shite lying around the house.

DFA1979 tonight, which should be good. Not been to see a band in ages, and not heard much by these dudes, but listening to the album again this morning in the car, they are pretty cool. I bought the tickets for Lee, but I am quite looking forwards to it now myself.

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I know a few women who could do with wearing a burkha.

Hmmm, why's there a big blank bit at the top? I wonder. No news is bad news. Very bad news. We are still no further forward with the house. In fact, we are at panic stations now. Could all be off, could all be on. Won't know anything more than that until Monday at the earliest. Fuming, be we. Chewing the walls.

Work has been a living hell today. Due to the above, I am finding it very hard to concentrate on some dude's renewal dates being wrong on his chinese domains. Or care, for that matter. Sticking my headphones in and setting myself to busy has made no difference to my beloved workmates, who have seem to be running some kind of sweepstake to see who can piss me off the quickest.

This post was brought to you by the number 9 and the word aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaargh

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Friday, February 04, 2005

IHello. Yes? Yes. No. I'll be home in five minutes.

Man, I am addicted to that song.

Worky, worky, worky. Is it just me, or since Christmas, no one's heart is quite in it? It usually takes a while to get back into the swing of it, fair enough, but really, it's been torture since the new year. I can barely force myself to get my ass in to that place every day. It's been much easier this week as the delectable Anne has been giving me a lift due to me being avec stick. But if it weren't for her, I would have easily taken ooh, 5 days off this week. Had an unfortunate wardrobe incident today, when Lisa and I both turned up bedecked in Paul Frank today - her red, me blue. Gotta love that little monkey.

I finally tracked down the bag o my dreams today on
Ebay - combining 2 of my great loves in life, Paul Frank and ponies! Coming all the way from Australia though, so could be some time before I get my mucky paws on it (anyone who knows me will know how utterly absurd the idea of me having mucky paws is. I am never without a bottle of antibacterial gel stuff. I am a clean freak). Ebay is probably my number one site just now, as I am listing stuff to try and get rid of it before the Big Move.

We are definitely thinking of the New House with capitals now, as it gets closer and closer. T minus 8 days and counting til C Day (Contract Day). We have made great inroads into the packing - we have now packed almost all of our CDs! And, emmm, that's all! I did sort out all my clothes though, well, most of them, and divided into keep, charity shop, Ebay and bin. I am working my way thru the Ebay pile (2 black bin bags full) now, but on dialy up, it's no picnic. Uploading one photo takes a good 5 minutes, so I have managed to list 13 items in 3 days. Another good thing about the Big Move - broadband!

Lee, my beautiful husband is working night shift this week at the electrickery factory. He says it's bits of cars and buses they make there, but I know he is handcrafting electricity for us all to use really. This means I get to stay in the flat by myself at night, which I am not a big fan of. I may be almost 26, but I have never quite gotten over my fear of the dark, as feeble as that may sound. Still, Scottish Power love this, as the lights are on all night for a week.

Going to see
Death From Above 1979 on Saturday at Tuts. I got Lee tickets as a happy Wednesday present as he picked up the album when we went to San Francisco last year and it is pretty nifty. Also got tickets for the afore mentioned Do Me Bad Things in April, which I am really looking forwards to - they rock big stylee.

Hidden Glasgow addiction gets stronger every day. I am glued, GLUED I tell ye. Usually the novelty wears off with me with these things after a few days, but this time I keep finding out more and more bizarre info about ordinary places which is holding my interest. Becca also turned me on to Neighbourhoodies.com - I now have a billion things I want on a t shirt. I also found a very cool lady in Seattle who will send me things from my favourite shop ever Old Navy - they don't deliver outside the US, sadly, but this lady will go buy it and ship it over. Turns out her husband is from Glasgow - small world (not always filled with freaks and weirdos).

Mum called today to say we shouldn't get a puppy and if we do, definitely not a beagle or a dalmatian. Which are the 2 breeds I want. She suggested a Jack Russell. Or a poodle. Or a goldfish... She will be here next week for a week's visit, to show me how to work my new sewing machine and make soup and tile a bathroom etc, etc. I miss not having mum around as much. Will need to show her how to use a computer. She'd love the internet.

Now, must get to bed - FRIDAAAAAAAAY tomorrow. Then next week, I am in London for work on Tuesday and off Friday afternoon as it is C-DAY and off on the following Monday for moving joy! One more day to go - and at least it's not as bad as
this poor guy's work...

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